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Please note: Due to store clsoings from COVID-19 concerns and a higher level of requests, quote requests may take longer than normal to be answered. We ask for your patience as we process your requests when possible.


Thank you for your interest in Pine Creek Structures! To receive a quote on a structure, please fill out and submit the following form. When we receive your request, a Pine Creek Structures sales representative will contact you with a quote as soon as possible. Remember... the more you tell us about the building you'd like to have, the more accurate the quote we can provide. Thank you!


*Please Note: Quote requests for cabins and other highly customized buildings may take us longer than normal to prepare. Please be as specific as possible with these requests, so we can send you a break down with a more accurate cost.



Frequently Asked Questions​:

"I need a Rent To Own or financing option. Is that possible with my building?"  Yes, in most cases. We offer a 36-month Rent To Own program with no credit check. While most structures are eligible for Rent To Own, some are not such as buildings over $8000.00, 2-story buildings, modular buildings, buildings without a floor, buildings to be used as a residence (cabins), and play sets. We also offer a 20 Month, Same As Cash finaning program and a 13.99%, 7-Year financing program. Financing requires a credit check, but has far fewer limitations to buildings it can be used to pay for.

"What kind of siding is the least/most expensive?" Vinyl siding and LP Smart Side are your two least expensive options and will be close in cost. Vinyl siding will be just slightly more, but it also comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Board 'N' Batten siding will be more expensive than Vinyl and LP siding, but the less expensive than Cedar siding and Log siding. Cedar siding and Log siding will be the most expensive options due to the high level of detail they require. 

"My HOA requires specific colors. Do you have these colors available?"  Yes! You can see all of our color options on our Color Guide. If you don't see the perfect color for you, we can custom order the right color for you in most cases! However this may cost an additional fee.

"I have no idea what size shed I need. Can you help?Yes! Check out our Interactive 'Find The Right Size Shed' Tool to see our standard size buildings, while you drag and drop items into them (Make sure Flash is enabled). It will help you visually see how much room you need. A sales representative can also help you determine the best size for you. We also recommend that you consider getting a shed slightly larger than what you think you need. Once you have your shed, you may realize you want to put more inside than your originally thought. Many customers come back saying they wish they would have gotten a bigger shed for that reason!

"What style will give me the most overhead room?"  If it's overhead room you're looking for, we recommend our Dutch Barns. Because of the roof design, it offers a great deal of room inside. We can even build a loft inside the building for you!

"I need storage space, but can't spend a lot. Any suggestions?"  At Pine Creek Structures, we pride ourselves in providing quality structures with superior construction. Unlike some of our competitors, our structures are built to last. However, we offer an economy line called our Madison Series, available in peak, dutch, and mini barn styles. They're perfect for the frugal buyer because they are built more economically. Learn more about the differences between our Heavy Duty and Madison buidings here. 

"I do not have access for a building to be brought in. Can you build it here?"  Yes, We can build your structure on site! Let us know when you request your quote and we can let you know they price. In some cases, you may actually be able to bring your structure in already built with our Shed Mule. Unlike a traditional truck and trailer delivery, our Shed Mule allows sheds to be moved into tight access areas and across rough or uneven terrain. Learn more about delivery and our Shed Mule here.





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