Shelves, Lofts, Workbenches, and More

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Maximize the storage space inside your shed by adding shelves, lofts, a workbench or pegboard.

Lofts help get items you only use a few times a year out of the way so you can access the items you use regularly easier. Organize all your smaller items with ease on shelves. You can even place them exactly where you need them! Add just one shelf to a wall... or two... or even three!

Need a place to work on projects? Add a workbench. Place pegboard behind it to keep all your tools handy, but out of the way and organized. Add pegboard to a wall and hang up rakes, shovels, hoses and more. Find what you need easily instead of digging through the pile in the corner.

The possibilities are endless. You'd be surprised how much more you can store inside your shed just by adding any of these options!


Your options:

pine creek structures interior options including pegboard and workbenchespine creek structures interior options including shelves and lofts

1. Shelves

Available in 12, 16, and 24 inches wide.
Configure them to your specifications!


2. Lofts

Standard 4' deep X building width


3. Workbench

Standard 3 foot wide with heavy duty 3/4 on top


4. Pegboard


Pre-Designed Packages:

1. Work Shop/Space Saver Package

Includes 2 Lofts, Workbench, Shelving, Pegboard, 6' Double Door, and 3' Single Entry Door


2. Organizer Package

Includes 2 Lofts, Shelving, & Additional Single Entry Door


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pine creek structures interior options including the space saver and workshop package with lofts shelves pegboard and a workbench

pine creek structures interior options including the organizer package with lofts and shelving